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Exploring the new Visual Studio Express 2012 RC for Web

by Rohit 31. July 2012 00:06

Visual Studio 2012 RC packs many new improvements from the Setup to the looks and the underlying core features. The new Setup is said to be 20% faster based on the customization you choose.

Lot of work has been done on the overall UX to give even more friendlier experience. Let's start exploring the new IDE to see few areas where we frequently spend time:

The New Project screen. An empty ASP.NET Web Application now really means empty. You won't get basic start-up code for your application.



An Empty Web Application comes with no default Web Page but only Web.Config file. If you want few lines of start-up code, you can always choose a Basic Template:


The Solution Explorer is one such area where tweaks have been done to make it light and clutter free. Things that don't directly affect the Solution View or the Project Hierarchy have been removed from the Solution Explorer. Enhanced Search has been added to search for any text or item in the Solution Explorer.


The Solution Explorer also contains Active Sync option to easily navigate to the location of the opened document. Click on file in the Solution Explorer and select the Preview option on top of the Solution Explorer. It opens the code of the file for you to preview. Once the Preview icon is selected and marked, you can just keep clicking other files in the Solution Explorer to instantly look the code of the file.


Now lets take a look at the default page of a basic Web Froms Application. You will notice a fresh new template to start with:


Now open the Mark-Up, i.e., the source of Default.aspx. You will notice improvements in code manageability and readability. Just click on any line of the source to notice a gray border around that line:


The new HTML editor offers full support for HTML5 elements and snippets. The CSS editor offers full support for CSS3, including support for CSS hacks and snippets for vendor-specific extensions to CSS.


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