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Efforts for the betterment of my software developer life

by Rohit 14. March 2012 12:07


I am struggling with stiffness in neck along with migraine from the last six years. It has worsened now. I got it X-Rayed a couple of times. The reports show signs of stiffness in the muscle spasms. Programmers have to sit for very long hours in front of PC and it demands more caffeine intake and junk food like Pizza and Burgers. My To-Do lists are impressive but of no help when the stiffness starts and migraine triggers. Trying to save a few bucks by not buying a comfortable chair and not joining a good Gym, I have wasted a lot of money buying medicines.

I am happy to add a nice feature in my upcoming application to automatically monitor and tune the health of database but I regret the same software is not available for me. May be some day a software developer gets equipped with a software which can automatically display health stats of the developer while he is writing code, eating pizzas and continuously glaring at the screen.

Well, I am an unknown personality of the industry but here are the neck pain stories of few personalities of the software industry you may be aware of:

Scott Hanselman

Mike Gunderloy

Paul Lockwood


Better late than never. Below is my daily diet and work-out routine started this month:



6 to 7:

Pranayam and few yoga postures accomanied by special neck and should exercises at home.

7 to 8:

Jogging and cardio-exercises at Gym.

Followed by: 15 to 20 ml. of Aloe Vera and Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica) juice with water.

Sprouts and banana with little breakfast before leaving for office.



2:30 to 3 -

Full lunch


Any juice with Vitamin-C. Preferably: Orange or Pineapple.

7 to 8:

Little jogging on treadmill.


9:30 to 10:00:

Light dinner, preferably without rice.


Coding Horror has a complete article on Ergonomics. Martin Fowler has also written tips for a good team room and ergonomics. In this video, software engineer Michael M. talks about resolving health issues and increasing wellness, athletic, and physical ability with guidance from Dr. David Lepp at the Center for Cranial Integration.


Share your pain story and what you are doing to live a healthy life.


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