What makes a CTE different from a Derived Table/Subquery? When to use it?

by Rohit 23. November 2013 23:30
Common Table Expression (CTE) was introduced in SQL Server 2005. A CTE is a temporary result set similar to a derived table which is not stored as an object. This result set lasts only for the duratio... [More]

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SQL Server | Technology

Creating Organization Hierarchy in ASP.NET using Google Organizational Chart

by Rohit 8. June 2013 14:48
Google Charts is a collection of wide variety of charts that are exposed as a Javascript library that you just need to embed in your web page. From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree, the... [More]

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ASP.NET | Google Charts | Technology

SQL Server: Get week start and end dates of any month

by Rohit 19. January 2013 13:38
Get week start dates of any month DECLARE @startDate DATETIME SET @StartDate = '20130101' ;WITH DayCounter(n) AS ( SELECT 0 UNION ALL SELECT n+1 FROM DayCounter WHERE n<30) SELECT DISTINCT Dat... [More]

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SQL Server | Technology

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