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SQL Server Day Photos - October 26 2013, Microsoft Bangalore

by Rohit 26. October 2013 11:41
Like US, in India we don't have that many communities and live events. When I moved to Bangalore an year back, I searched for .NET and SQL Server user groups in Bangalore. Few .NET user groups exist b... [More]

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How to make JQuery work with ASP.NET Web Content Form?

by Rohit 6. May 2011 16:50
In an ASP.NET application, making JQuery work with a Master Page and Web Content Form is often a matter of confusion for beginners. Since the Web Content Form doesn't have a HTML HEAD section, novice ... [More]

Was RSA or RC4 broken to decipher Conficker?

by Rohit 14. January 2011 05:22
Initially, when I read about the use of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography in Conficker worm, I didn’t realize the real risk. I already knew that modern malware use s... [More]

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