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Few cool features of ASP.NET 5

by Rohit 23. November 2014 22:53
Built from the ground up to provide optimized framework for application development, ASP.NET 5 includes several new features and enhancements. There are few cool features which are of interest to me:1... [More]



How to add auto-incremented column in DataTable at any position?

by Rohit 18. November 2014 22:53
In this post I will show you: How to add a new column at a certain position in a DataTable? How to make it an auto-incremented column?  using ASP.NET/C# with SQL Server. Almost always, we... [More]

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Resolving "Specified cast is not valid" error while seeking a row from DataTable.

by Rohit 22. December 2013 19:24
In a situation I had to create a Data Table manually and add columns and rows to it. Later I wanted to search for a row in this Data Table using LINQ. As soon as LINQ code was fired I got this error: ... [More]

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