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Ruby Notes - 2

by Rohit 31. August 2012 21:35
In this post of the Ruby Notes series: Some unique control structures in Ruby     Ruby tries to make code more concise and readable where ever possible. Some new controls structures like... [More]

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Ruby on Rails | Technology

Ruby Notes : 1

by Rohit 24. August 2012 18:17
  This is the first post of Ruby Notes series. This series and the later, Rails Notes, is a collection of my personal learning notes prepared while learning Ruby and Rails. These notes are the e... [More]

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Ruby on Rails

Tool Pick #2

by Rohit 17. March 2012 11:17
SSMS Tools Pack: SQL Server Management Studio Add-in with variety of features including option to generate stored procedures automatically for CRUD operations. Shining Panda: Hosted Continuous In... [More]

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