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How to suppress zero values in SSRS report?

by Rohit 11. July 2012 12:54

If you are coming from Crystal Reports background then you must be aware of a property called Suppress if 0 in Crystal Reports. By default, this property is disabled resulting in zero values being displayed on your report. When checked, all the zero values are suppressed by replacing 0 with a blank space.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is quite young when compared to Crystal Reports. It is not as powerful as Crystal Reports but it definitely bundles simplicity and seamless integration with SQL Server data and Visual Studio.

Here I show you how to implement Suppress if 0 functionality in SSRS. In my example I have used SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. Before starting let's see how the report looks when opened in browser before suppressing zero values:


To suppress zero values, go to Business Intelligence Development Studio and open the report design. My report design looks like this: More...

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Tool Pick #7: T4 Template Tools

by Rohit 16. June 2012 22:45

tangible T4 Editior:  Quickly write your own .NET Code Generator via T4 Text-Templates (.tt-Files) with Intelli-Sense & Syntax-Highlighting. tangible T4 Editor comes with UML-Style modeling tools and can generate from diagrams, database schemas, xml, word, excel sources, or any other data source.

T4 Toolbox: A set of ready-to-use code generators and T4 extensions for Visual Studio. Quickly build powerful C# or VB templates that generate multiple output files or simply use existing templates for LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and more.

Devart T4 Editor: A powerful Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting, intellisense, code outlining, and all features of a first-class text editor add-in for Visual Studio. It provides very high performance and makes creating T4 templates easier and faster. As well as ensuring extremely high level of performance, it also speeds up and facilitates the creation of T4 templates.

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Life blog branched out

by Rohit 29. May 2012 01:47

My blog IRohitable has a new sub-branch now:


 Note the new category on top with the title My Days My Life.



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