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Life blog branched out

by Rohit 29. May 2012 01:47

My blog IRohitable has a new sub-branch now:


 Note the new category on top with the title My Days My Life.



Learning Ruby and Rails can be fun

by Rohit 7. May 2012 03:37

While starting Ruby and Rails, I read a couple of tutorials but soon lost interest until I met a monk. Yes, you read it right, a Monk, and this monk guided me to the path of enlightment. My journey to the world of Ruby on Rails started from here:


The rubymonk Primer is a free introductory course on Ruby. It is an interactive learning platform from C42 Engineering. Learn Ruby with LESSONS, solve PROBLEMS or view the CONTENTS. RubyMonk combines the advantages of learning from a book, pairing with a mentor and actual hands-on coding and delivers it on a fun interactive platform for amateurs and enthusiasts who are discovering the Ruby language.




In the journey, I met a man with code ... More...


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